Outdoor Fitness for Earth Day


Happy Earth Day to all!

Here a 5 tips, thought of after my Instagram post, of how to exercise without using the gym. So take today to unplug from the everyday gym use and get out into the sunshine to get your sweat on today. 🙂

Ride A Bike

Wait, not my spinning bike? Not in a fitness studio? Like a real bike?! Yes! All of that time you’ve been spending riding a bike indoors is just training for you using your real bike. Take a nice and easy ride through your neighborhood, on a trail a little outside of town, or with your family. Riding a bike is great for balance, coordination, and cardiovascular activity. Make sure to pack a snack and stay hydrated!!

Hike A Trail

Pack up a small bag with water and a snack and put on those hiking boots! This is the best outdoor fitness tip if you need a stress relief. Stepping into the forest and onto that trail will be a sense of peace, tranquility, and of course a great workout! Think of all that time you spend on the treadmill, stair stepper, or elliptical. You can get the same, or even better, workout using real world inclines, gravel, and natural light. This is sure to get your heart pumping!

Put On Your Blades

Rollerblade into a great cardiovascular workout around your block, with your significant other, or at a local park. This is also an activity your entire family can enjoy! Rollerblading can increase your cardio fitness, core strength, lower-body muscle tone, and balance. Just be sure to wear protective gear, such as wrist, elbow and knee pads, and a helmet to help prevent injuries in the case you or another family member takes a spill.

Dive On In

Go fish out that swim suit! It’s time to swim for fitness! For those of you who live near a lake or ocean OR have a gym with an outdoor pool, go take a swim. There are different types of exercises in the pool that you can do like lap swimming, water aerobics, using water weights, or attending an Aqua Zumba class. Lap swimming gives you a full body workout as well as a great cardiovascular workout. Any type of water aerobics or using water approved weights will give you great cardio as well as other related strength benefits with a focus on upper or lower body (if you like). Aqua Zumba gives you the Latin flare of Zumba but in the water to decrease pressure on hurting joints.

Stretch It Out

Look at your local gym and check out videos on YouTube for an outdoor yoga or Pilates class or take time for an outdoor meditation. Giving yourself time to check in with your personal needs is very important in todays society and will help relieve stress. If you have never taken a yoga class, I would highly recommend it. Yoga aids with coordination, balance, and flexibility. Pilates is more strength based and has a faster pace than yoga. You can find lower body exercises, upper body exercises, and core exercises in a Pilates class.


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